Yahoo Fantasy Football on Your Samsung Smart TV

By Ron Jacoby, VP Smart TV

Yahoo Fantasy Football is coming to your Samsung Smart TV! The latest Samsung Sports app now features the Yahoo Fantasy Football TV experience. Keep tabs on your weekly fantasy match-ups and follow all your league scores without missing a second of the game. And, the Samsung Sports app also gives you live player stats, game summaries, drive charts, and more.

Look for the on-screen prompts on your Samsung Smart TV to launch the app while watching the game, or launch the app anytime through the Samsung TV app store (SmartHub).

The app is available now on select 2014 Samsung Smart TVs.

Intelligence Behind the Screen: Yahoo Smart TV


by Ron Jacoby, VP Smart TV

At CES this week, we’re excited to introduce Yahoo Smart TV, the next evolution of Yahoo’s Connected TV platform, which is used in millions of households today.

With all the choices available on your TV today from traditional channels, to Video On Demand, to Web…

Now Playing on Your Samsung TV - Yahoo News and Weather

By Ronald Jacoby, Vice President, Connected TV

For most of us, TV is part of our everyday lives. Whether you turn it on first thing in the morning when you wake up or prefer to watch it after a long day, it’s one of our most familiar habits.

That’s why we’re excited to share that Yahoo is partnering with Samsung to bring our latest news and weather information to your TV screen. Rolling out in select markets around the globe, the “NewsON” panel delivers the latest local news articles, videos and weather to Samsung Smart TV users with the click of a remote.

Now, when you need instant information about current events, you can click over to “NewsON” for a snapshot of the latest headlines. Once a story gets your interest, click through to see the summary, full article, or streaming news video. Or check the weather with weekly forecasts combined with location and weather based photos from Flickr.

The “NewsON” panel is available on Samsung Smart TVs in select countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. It’s the first product from a new, multi-year partnership to bring more Yahoo content and services to Samsung Smart TVs worldwide. Stay tuned!

Yahoo and VIZIO Upgrade Your HDTV to a Smart TV

By Ronald Jacoby, Vice President, Connected TV

We’re excited to announce a new way that Yahoo is working with VIZIO to upgrade your existing HDTV with access to apps and streaming Internet video.

Yahoo is proud to power every VIZIO Smart TV with our Connected TV platform. Now, with VIZIO’s Co-Star LT, a new stream player launched yesterday, you can upgrade any HDTV to a Smart TV*.

With the new, full-screen app library from Yahoo Connected TV, you can easily find, organize, and browse apps for news, weather, sports, or video. And you can get quick access to your favorite apps while watching live TV.


By adding the Co-Star LT to your current HDTV, you get the same Yahoo Connected TV experience you’d get on any VIZIO Smart TV.

For more information, visit

*Compatible with high definition televisions with HDMI-HDCP connectivity.  Internet connection required and sold separately.

Yahoo Connected TV on Tumblr

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